John babysits

I left to run some errands and came home to John getting the grill ready for supper and Hayden outside in his play saucer. The funny thing was Haydens attire (as you can see). John put the bandana on his head to keep it warm. Hayden lost a sock and John just found a different one. I love these pictures! (April 25th)



Isabell latched onto Emily the entire time she was here. I just thought these pictures were too cute. (April 22nd)

new toy

My friend Emily came for a long weekend and we ventured down to visit with my parents. Mom broke out the walker. It was Haydens first experience in a walker and he absolutely LOVED it! He has since spent hours upon hours in it. He thinks he is just the coolest kid on the block because he can move. It has been great. His balance is getting better…he sits up straighter…and he stays entertained longer. WHAO!!!!

Best Bug

So this is how Hayden treats his best “bug”. This toy is his absolute FAVORITE. He can’t seem to get enough of the antennas.
Life has been good. I think Hayden is working on some teeth. He has been drooling like crazy…running random fevers…and everything (EVERYTHING) goes in his mouth! We have also successfully introduced other foods to him. His favorite is the rice cereal. Even over bananas and peaches – believe it or not. He also loves his veggies which is wonderful! He eats almost all of his carrots and peas every time. I think we are going to just stick with those four for now and in a week or so we’ll try sweet potatoes and apples. Then I think we’ll have all the bases covered for a while.
Tomorrow we are having Stephen, Betty, and Isabell over for the day. I hope everyone’s Easter weekend is wonderful. Check in Monday for some fun pictures of Isabell and Hayden.