Day At The Aquarium


Birthday Toys…

We had an absolutely wonderful day today. Hayden slept in a little bit, woke up in a wonderful mood and didn’t sleep more than 30 minutes of nap all day, but was completely happy. Mary Jo and Ann came for the day and we went to the Aquarium. Boy did Hayden LOVE that!!!!!! He touched the rays and stergions (spelling?). He loved seeing the ducks and fish swimming. (it is a fresh water aquarium). We came home….he snoozed for about 30 minutes, then we played and played and played. He had some special visitors (some young student friends) stop by with a surprise birthday present which was very very sweet of them. We ate a wonderful supper and had cupcakes for dessert. Hayden didn’t like the cupcakes much. I didn’t want him to miss out on some birthday sugar, so I got out a popsicle that he and shared. And he LOVED that!!!! Then…off to bed. Long day….wonderful day…..we truly couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Non-toys are the best…

No matter how cool the toy is, it always seems that Hayden’s interest focuses on all the simple NON-TOYS. The ketsup bottle for example…..a simple wash was all it needed and he is perfectly happy with it (for weeks!!!).
I think I get more excited about his new toys than he does and here he loves the pots and pans more. Go figure….