loving the kitchen…

There is a deep satisfaction that I get when I work in the kitchen and get these kind of results. Easy. Simple. Delicious.

Ode To John

The Father of My Children

The Stealer of My Heart

The Recipient of My Affections

The Keeper of My Joy

The Igniter of My Passions

The Eater of My Cooking

The Hero of My Love Story

The Disrupter of My Sleep

The Subject of My Daydreams

The Fulfiller of My Needs

The Calmer of My Nerves

The Balancer of My Craziness

The Manager of My Remote Control

The Love of My Life

Starting again…

This blog has been in existence for 2 years now. However, I have been seriously negligent in posting. So much so that there are absolutely NO posts whatsoever of our 14 month old daughter and her infancy. And we are now on baby #3. Life’s circumstances over the past 2 years have been difficult for us. We miscarried between Hayden and Yvette, lost 2 grandparents, moved 2 times, tragically lost my brother to a car accident, Yvette was born shortly after, etc. Just in the past 3 months has life taken a positive turn for us. A long awaited positive turn. I thought I’d rename the blog, change the layout, and start fresh by regularly posting and including pictures.
Hope you visit often…

August 13, 2008 (meant to be posted…)

Monday night we had torrential rain for about 3 hours. Word has it we acquired about 6-8 inches in that time frame. Crazy, I know. The ditch out front was overflowing. The apartment 2 floors down had 2 inches of standing water in there rooms. Our neighbors/landlords had their basement flood (they just replaced the carpet less than 1 year ago). It was bad. Early on in the storm John had to run to the store to get some diaper cream for Hayden. No problem. Within 20 minutes of him returning, we got Hayden to bed and put a movie in. John looked at me and said, “Beer sounds really great. You want beer?” It didn’t make any difference to me. But the weather wasn’t exactly peachy for venturing out. But I figured, okay…if he wants to go get it. Less than 10 minutes later John comes in and tells me he needs my help…the car stalled and it needs a push. Great. So we get the car onto high ground across the street and figure it will be dried out in the morning and we’ll move it. Not so. To put it simply, the engine is shot. The street was much more flooded than we thought, water rushed through the engine, and it is now unsalvageable. Our $2300 beer run WITHOUT the beer.Lesson learned: don’t venture out during a storm when you live in a flood plain