Home Sweet Home

So we are homeowners once again. And what a wonderful feeling it is. Although the weather and holiday season is not the ideal time to move, we are so so so grateful that we could get in before Christmas. And what a wonderful Christmas it will be.

Yesterday morning we closed. Right away we got to moving. John’s parents came to help move and then take the kids back with them. That in itself is a HUGE stress relief….knowing they are safe and happy and NOT in our care (for the moment) is a wonderful gift. Our good friend Kurt helped John haul furniture……in the -10 degree weather. Seriously these men are amazing!!!!! And they did it without complaint….none that I heard anyway.

John and I spent our first night in our house last night. The silence was darn near deafening. We aren’t used to it being so quiet. But it was wonderful.

Perhaps I’ll get crazy enough to venture far enough away from the house to get a good picture and post it later today…MAYBE. The weather is colder today than yesterday. And considering we are in serious farm country and the wind is strong enough to knock me over, the cold is frigid enough to take my breath away and freeze my nose, well….lets just say MAYBE….IF I’m crazy enough.