My Husband the Hero…part 3

Ready for another one?….

Today was John’s first day back at work after our bout with the flu. He is scheduled to work days today and tomorrow. Well, over the past 24 hours we have been hit with yet another winter storm which has gifted us about 14 inches PLUS nasty wind chills. Before going to bed last night John bundled up and ventured out to shovel out his car and make a path wide enough to get his car out to the road. You see, our driveway is probably at least 100 feet long and when John works days he has to leave the house by 5:00am. Our plow guy doesn’t usually get here until at least 7am sometimes later. We went to bed last night not knowing if he could even get out or down the 3 mile bare naked stretch of highway that goes into town. The roads were closed all day yesterday because of the storm.

This morning he woke up extra early to make sure he could get out on time. He bundled himself up again, brought in two loads of wood for us, and proceeded to reshovel around his car because the wind blew some of the snow back. Well….his car wouldn’t start. And wouldn’t you know, it was parked directly in front of the side of the garage where my van is parked. Did that stop him? NOPE!!!! Not even at 4:30 in the morning! He managed to manuevor the van around his car, through some snow bank, and down the driveway to work. He was only 15 minutes late. Talk about doing what needed to be done!!!!!

That is not all…..

This afternoon I had a little bit of a scare. I woke from a short nap with a very intense feeling of dizziness that would NOT go away. It continued for almost an hour before I called John. He told me to call the clinic, check WebMD, and call him back. The degree of dizziness was starting to scare me because I had NEVER experienced anything like that with any of my pregnancies. So I knew it was NOT normal for ME…and so did John. And I also KNEW I wasn’t dehydrated either because I made it a point to drink as much as possible after having the flu a couple days ago. The nurse told me to rest, don’t lift anything, and eat some protein (I may be short on protein since recovering from the flu). If the dizziness continue after 45 minutes then I should go in to get checked. I called John and he had already clocked out and was on his way home (3 hours early). Thank goodness for my friend Kristin too because she came over to take my blood pressure and sat with me until John got home. Once John was here, everything was fine. The dizziness didn’t quite go away, but it definitely got better. He spent the rest of the evening insisting on me remaining on the couch and off my feet. He wouldn’t let me do hardly anything even though as the night went on I felt better and better.

A gem. I married a diamond in the rough…….


My Husband the Hero…part 2

We have been plagued with our first ever family-shared flu. Yup. YUCKEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It began Saturday night when Hayden just started vomitting every hour starting at 8:00pm and commencing around 3:30am. Not fun. The poor kid was miserable, but he was a champ. He had never experienced the flu before so I am certain it probably scared him. But he was brave and strong and made it through. John was scheduled to work the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights) and got home Sunday morning around 6:30am and went right to sleep. He came racing downstairs and into the bathroom at about 11:30am. He called in sick shortly after.

All throughout Sunday I nursed Hayden and John back to health with lots of love, lots of ice chips and Powerade, and insisted on continued rest.

The kids went to bed by 7:30pm and by 8:00pm I was sitting on the recliner in tears. I KNEW it was coming. I could feel the build up. And I dreaded it because, well…#1 it’s the flu! and #2 I was absolutely exhausted at that point. So was Hayden. And John was recovering from his 8 hours of sickness PLUS working an overnight the night before. 10:30pm rolled around and I found myself hugging the toilet bowl as only 9mos pregnant women can do with the flu. Miserable. Just miserable. I proceeded to empty my stomach every 45 minutes until about 6:00am. Now understand that throughout the entire night, John was sleeping with Hayden just in case Hayden got sick again. But about 3 times during the night I called out to John for help. I needed him to hold me to calm me down because my body was literally convulsing from the heaves. That was scary and almost awarded me a trip to the ER. And being the absolutely selfless loving husband that he was, he submitted to every request….going above and beyond what I needed in the moment.

I woke up this morning (Monday) at about 8:00am feeling better but terribly sore. My whole body ached! And I was exhausted! I had my cup of ice, said my “good mornings”, and John sent me right back to bed. What a guy. I slept until 1:00pm. And though I don’t feel quite up to par yet, I definitely am seeing an end in sight.

My husband. THE BEST MAN!!!!!

Told you my last post wouldn’t be the end of me singing his praises….. 😉