.Over the past few weeks I’ve been building a stash of knitted creations and I’ve been trying various patterns to work on personal creativity. I’ve been doing this with the hope of starting up and Etsy shop where we’d (my mother and I) sell sewn/knitted creations and a couple baked goods that we’ve perfected over the years. I’ve been browsing Etsy to get a feel for the standard on there. WHOA!!!!!!….intimidation may possibly win. These women are SERIOUS!!!….and super super super talented. I just want to pay for my hobby and make a few extra dollars to stash for special occasions. But going up along side some of these shops that are selling the same type things is way intimidating! What is a girl to do? Local craft fairs, yes. Perfect my craft, yes. Do it anyway?…..


Weekend Project #3

November 20-22:

I’m always looking for quick knit cute hats for my kiddos. I’ve found one!!!….or two. This book is chuck full of patterns I will be working on in the very near future!

I had to include the bottom two to capture and share the personality of my Yvette (age 2).

Things I’ve Been Working On…

I took a knitting class last March before Wyatt was born. I LOVED IT! You can’t get the needles out of my hands! Here are a few things I’ve been working on the past couple of weeks:

Yvette loved this hat!…though it actually fits me much better. It wasn’t meant to be a slouchy hat, but it looks kinda cute as one, don’t you think?
“Yvette, look at me and SMILE!”
She thought it needed some embellishment….
…..more to come…..

My Relief

My relief after two weeks of sickness and quarantine, snotty noses, medicine bottles, late nights, early mornings, and loads of coffee……..

…my mother’s slush…something I never thought I’d openly share, though she has said it is NO SECRET. So here goes…I hope it brings you as much “happiness” as it has brought me. 😉

Diane’s Famous Slush
7-9 Lipton Tea bags (brewed for 30+ minutes in 2c. boiling water)
1 can frozen Orange Juice concentrate
1 can frozen Lemonade concentrate
2c. brandy
5c. water (in addition to the 2c used for brewing)
*mix together in an ice cream pale…throw in the freezer and you’ll have delicious slush in 24 hours.
*scoop into glass and pour your preferred citrus soda on top (7-up, Sprite, Fresca, Squirt, Sierra Mist, etc)
*I like to stir it a couple times as it is freezing so things don’t settle….