Pale Moon Raising

I was driving to my parents’ house today and this is what I saw…..

If the kids weren’t with me I would have stopped and watched it slowly rise, slowly shrink, slowly brighten. Beautiful and HUGE! The picture does it NO justice.


Knitting Marathon….

I’m speed knitting many different projects. I’ll post tomorrow. Super excited about a possible new venture.

Here’s Hoping!!!!!

MY Jesus…

In our preparations for Christmas we decided to remove the large beautiful picture we have of Our (crucified) Lord’s face. We love this picture. It has always held a central place in every home we’ve lived in. However, we decided this year to take it down during those weeks of preparation for the BIRTH of Our Lord. And instead we replaced it with beautiful nativity scenes, garland, and as many “baby Jesus'” as we could find. This morning we pulled the picture out of the closet and returned it to it’s spot. Yvette saw what we were doing and yelled, “YAY!!! MY Jesus is back!” She proceeded to want to be held so she could touch the picture, give Him kisses, and welcome Him “back home”. So precious!!!

FYI: The same girl who cried the biggest crocodile tears as I was packing up all FOUR of our nativity scenes scattered throughout the house. “I want MY baby Jesus!!!!….Don’t hide Him!!!!” I almost left them out. Well, I did leave out 1 Baby Jesus for her to shove in her pocket. Such intense devotion this child has as such a young age.