Just Be A Mom

All day yesterday my thoughts kept returning to this random thought about “just being a mom”. I don’t know where it came from and why it consumed my day, but it was rather wonderful and offered solice in moments of chaos and stress. Just be a mom. How great is that? To only have to worry about the happiness and wellbeing of your children. To have the one and only focus of your day be their growth, health, and smiles. To be completely available to whatever whim their curiousities met. What could possibly be more important than that?….laundry? dishes? naptime? a phone call? “mom time”? projects? deadlines? I’m not saying these things aren’t important. They are and they are necessary tasks. But all too often I think we get consumed with fulfilling our tasks, staying busy, moving down the ever growing checklist, etc and we miss out on the most beautiful and innocent moments of our children’s day. I have taken to stopping before answering any question with a decisive NO…..what is it I’m saying NO to? Can I stop for a moment and help? Can I drop what I’m doing for just a second and give Hayden that “big hug” he’s asking for every 30 minutes? Why can’t Yvette help me with the dishes or play with my hair? And Wyatt…..all he wants lately is to be in the action. How hard is that? We can make room. Life really isn’t that hard. Most of the time what makes it hard is WE get in the way….WE get selfish. Life isn’t that hard…..it is simple (and exhausting most days)….and beautiful.

I woke up and got John off to work this morning. I wanted to go back to sleep but got sucked into the computer instead. And I found this. Such a beautiful post.


Crazy For Cloth

We invested in cloth diapers with Hayden. When I say “invest”, I mean it. At the time it was a hit of about $375 in one fell swoop. And that kinda hurts when you don’t have much to begin with. But $375 got us 24 adjustable sized diapers. And those 24 diapers are now on baby #3. They’ve been stained, reinforced, and literally been through the ringer. But they are STILL in fantastic shape and are perfectly useable. With the cost of disposable diapers ranging anywhere from .20-.45 EACH, cloth diapering is most certainly a great economical and environmentally friendly way to go.

Top 10 Reasons To Cloth Diaper:
1. saves loads of money
2. so much softer on baby’s bottom
3. environmentally friendly
4. cute
5. less garbage….less stink
6. supports local/small business owners
7. does NOT cater to societies “disposable” mentality. 😉
8. it is EASY! and simple
9. no more diaper creams
10. husbands LOVE the fact it is easy on the pocketbook and quickly pays for itself.

*If you have any questions regarding cloth diapering please don’t hesitate to ask. Or you can email me at tjback(at)charter(dot)net
*I have many friends who are cloth diapering junkies as well…….if you guys have any comments to add or tips to share please post!
*My favorite go-to site for cloth diapering is Cotton Babies. Also, I have a friend who makes fantastic diapers at reasonable prices: Chelory.com