More Weekend Fun To Share

My mom came with Isabell and Abby this past weekend. And did we have fun!!!! The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast.


Pass It On

My grandfather made this rocking horse for my brothers and I in 1982 when Stephen was born. Along with it came a mini rocker for Steve and a dolly cradle for me. All made by hand by my grandfather. OH the miles we put on this horse! And now they all sit in my living for my children to play with. All still sturdy and ready to ride.
What memories this brings back…….

*thanks Grandpa!!!*

Sun Bathing

It begins with an innocent washing of the hands.

Which lead to a curiousity and a dress soaking….

…and the dress comes off…..

…”Mom, my hair is stinky…..can I wash it?”…..

…then the tummy and the inevitable question…”Mom, can I get nakey?”….”No, Yvette. You leave you pants on.”

….and the hair again with a question from me, “Yvette, are you all clean yet?”…..”Almost….”
She continued to wash herself for a good 30 minutes. Quite possibly the most entertaining 30 minutes of our day. She was so content with her wash bucket and rag. What 2 year old wouldn’t be!!!

Hey. I know what you are thinking…..*sigh* “those were the days…” (of freedom and innocence and curiousity).

The Wheels On The Bus….

We did it. After much prayer and discussion, we finally made the decision to enroll Hayden in preschool. We are fortunate enough to have the option of two Catholic schools. You may be thinking, “What’s the big deal?” Well, it was between enrolling him in one of the schools or homeschooling. I’ve never been a huge fan of homeschooling. I’m not sure why. I know a lot of well educated, well adapted, successful homeschool families. However, as Hayden got closer to school age I began to see the benefits of it…..parents being the primary teachers, style of learning is different for each kid and can be adapted, obvious one-on-one education, efficiency, specialized education, etc. We knew public school was out of the question.
Over the past couple weeks Hayden has been expressing the fact that he is “almost 5” and can go to school soon. He wants to ride the bus and make new friends and carry a backpack and learn. John and I talked in depth about it and figured we’d better make a decision because the classes fill up fast and school starts in a couple weeks. With 2 slots open, we filled out the paperwork and turned in his application today to St. Mary’s Learning Tree Preschool.
He was so excited!!!! I suppose most of my hesitation is maternal…..he’s getting older and more independent…..I want him home with me. That and the fact that once he starts school I KNOW Yvette will be anxious to attend as well. (*they have a 3/4 yrs old preschool class too – so technically she could start in January*).

Goals, Cameras, And Screaming…

This would be a very random post. I realize it has been – yet again – another week since my last post. Apologies.
Random thoughts:

1. I feel lost without my camera in hand. I feel like a blog post just isn’t complete without some picture for entertainment. The battery is dead and I just can’t seem to find the charger. I know I had it in our bedroom but I’m thinking that “nobody” probably took it and hid it somewhere. I AM looking though. *sigh*

2. I am a runner. When it comes to exercise, running is my preference. I enjoy it. It is a challenge. It is an escape. And it is mine! However, my husband is a lifter. He can lift, bench, press insane amounts of weight. He told me the other day that he was doing 310lbs dead lifts. !!!! What the heck!…..I’m lucky if I can do 50lbs! Anyway, he’s been pushing me to let him write up a lifting program for me to suppliment my running…..he said it would help me make gains. I was dragging my feet about it but finally gave in. AND OH DO I LOVE IT!!!! Wow!!!! I run 3 days a week and lift 3 days a week. I feel fantastic!!! and he was right….I am able to run for longer periods of time, I’m not as sore when I push myself, and I just feel a million times better. I should listen to him more often. 😉

3. Wyatt screams. He screams at everything. He screams when he wants something. He screams when he is tired. He screams when we say “no”. He screams when he is excited. He screams. And.It.Is.Driving.Us.Nuts!!!!! Anyone have any suggestions???? PLEASE?!

4. I just finished the book 20 And Counting by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. I checked it out because of a blog post that Miss Mallory wrote. I was curious. And she was right. Good Book.

5. I think I’m going to open up an etsy shop. I’ve got a decent stash of knitted things and I may just post them to see.

6. Yesterday I registered for the Fargo-Moorhead Mini Marathon on October 9th. They hold and annual half marathon, 10K, and 5K. I’ve been wanting to run the half since I started university in Duluth, MN but something has always gotten in the way. This time I think I’m actually going to do it!!! Here’s to hoping!!!…..

7. I love NFP. Maybe that is “tmi”, but it is the truth. We are in the 13th consecutive month and it has been fantastic!!! We know we are not done yet and the “fever” is getting stronger. But life is uber crazy right now and we both feel some stability, organization, and simplifying is necessary before we bring another life into this family. (*maybe in the spring or next summer*)

8. I want to learn to sew. I’m thinking about taking a class this fall and/or winter. I think it would be fun!!! And I’ve kinda made the resolution (a couple years ago) to learn and be proficient at a new life skill each year. The first year was knitting. Last year was spinning. This year (2010-2011) I’m thinking of sewing. I cook. I can. I garden. I think sewing would be next in line. 😉

I think that is it for now. My husband just came to me to tell me to hurry up and get to the gym…..I have to get my run in. Such is scheduled training!!!!

Happy Wednesday to you all!!!!

A Shopping List Of C’s

I have a marker board on my fridge where I write a list of groceries as I run out. I didn’t realize it until this morning, but my growing list (over the past 4 days) looks like this:

crackers                   cottage cheese
cheese                      coffee
cereal                       cilantro
creamer                    Crisco frying oil
chicken breast

I had to (c)huckle a little. 😉 What are the odds?

On a different note, my friend over at Hesitant Homemaker posted a very REALISTIC blog entry yesterday. I read it and could totally relate. Like 90% of my days sound just like what she wrote. I love her for being so completely honest about how motherhood can be and usually is (for me). I’d encourage moms with young children to take a peak. I’ve written about Mallory before. She is a beautiful person and her blog is absolutely fantastic. Her writing is witty, real, and relateable. She is a “what you see is what you get” kind of gal and I LOVE that!. If you have a few minutes, head on over to her blog for a dose of reality, some laughs, and random musings. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Thanks Mal!!!!