Sweet November

I cannot even express my giddiness over the fact that today is November 1st. What is the reason for such giddiness, you ask? Well, let me tell you. September and October were insanely busy months for us. September being chucked full of harvesting our own garden, canning, getting things cut, raked, and cleaned up for the upcoming winter months, canning, lots of overtime for my husband, canning, adjusting to 3 school days a week for Hayden, canning, etc. etc. etc. I think you get the idea. All I looked at in September was tomatoes in my kitchen, tomatoes in my garage, tomatoes in my garden waiting to be picked, canning jars in my cupboards, lids all over my counters, filled jars waiting for a place to be stored for the winter, and utter chaos in my kitchen.

October was not much better…..actually it was much worse because not only was I STILL canning and cleaning up the garden, my husband was working extra hours at work and on his “days off” he was working 12-15 hour overnight shifts driving beet wagons and tractors for the farmer next door. There was literally about 8 days when I did not see him more than 30 minutes a day. Poor guy worked his butt off, slept very little, ate like a horse, and still managed to keep some level of sanity. I love him. Have I ever posted that?….I.LOVE.HIM.

So now that September and October are behind us, what I have to look forward to in November is utter sweetness: bitter frigid cold…..and probably snow. Yes. I admit it. I am overjoyed that the freezing winter months are finally here. I know, I know……..I’ve walked off the deep end. Truth is, I’m excited for the cold because it means no more major projects outside. It means that I get to see my husband more hours of the day. It means that he can relax a little bit and maybe take up a hobby and de-stress. It means that the only things that will steal my husband’s attention away from the warm inviting inside are the animals, moving snow, or splitting wood. I love the winter for that simple reason.

I say bring on the subzero temps. I long for snow days and closed highways. The snow can’t come soon enough. I’m ready. Our jackets are out, everyone has boots and thermal-wear. We are ready.


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