I just wanted to give you all a quick introduction to my daughter Yvette. I found all sorts of fun pics I took over the past couple weeks. I thought you might enjoy them….

She is 3.5 years old. She is loud, girlie, sparkly, she squeals and when she talks it sounds like she whines. She is also one of the smartest little girls I know. Of course I could just be a bit biased. But seriously, this girl has an amazing memory! Amazing. She loves to color and paint and create. She loves flowers, pink, purple, accessories (shoes, gloves, hats, boas, etc). She knows exactly what she likes and wants at any given moment.
She is quite the girl!

Don’t you just LOVE her?!


Raspberries, Holes, and Lots of Wood

Early this past spring we planted 18 raspberry sprigs not thinking they’d do much of anything this year but take root. I caught Hayden picking the tiny red berries that I didn’t even notice were there until today. SO.EXCITED. We love raspberries. Love.Love.Love.

I can’t wait for next year and the year after when the harvest will be more and more. Did I mention that I love raspberries?
Well….I DO!

Wyatt spent the afternoon yesterday helping his dad dig post holes. Something the kids all love to do. Maybe some of you remember this post from our family blog last year? Well, this year Wyatt got to help and boy did he love it!

John worked so hard this spring to finish up splitting our enormous wood pile that collected last fall. We had a couple weeks of openness and order in front of our wood shed. But then, all in one week, 3 of our neighbors decided they wanted to take down some trees. Knowing we burn wood all winter, they so graciously offered their wood to us before burning it. And John, being the man he is happily accepted and assisted in the hauling of said trees. Now we have this….once again….obstructing the view of the beautiful fields behind our house. Darn generous neighbors (just kidding). 😉 We are very thankful for these offers as this will heat our entire home for at least a full winter season. BUT….it has to be split. Great. Another HUGE project to add to the list.

All I have to say is…..I love my husband. Really. He’s pretty darned fantastic because he rarely complains about anything. He is grateful and continues on. *sigh*

“The Mousers”
Yup. They look pretty vicious don’t they? Laying there like they actually did something today….or any day for that matter. But they haven’t.

(Tabitha in front, Simon in the back)
They do keep the mudroom free and clear of mice though. And we haven’t seen anything in the house since we got them last year. So I suppose they are fulfilling their purpose.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Sunday Sunday

Where the heck did the summer go? I mean really. These past 2 months have flown by and already we are in the thick of July in the heat of summer. Wow.

So yesterday John was working which leaves me with bringing the kids to mass alone. Yes, my oldest brother is living here and he has so graciously escorted us (when John is gone) to mass several weeks already, but I don’t always want to assume he’s willing to do that EVERY time John is not able to. After all, Sunday mass with 3 kids under 5 can be rather distracting and sometimes frustrating.
Anyway, normally we sit inside the church and force the kids to stay in the pew for the duration of mass unless there is a potty need or a meltdown. They usually do pretty good, except they are super squirmy. Not necessarily loud but squirmy. I decided that this week, since I am doing this on my own, that we’d sit in the back entrance area. It is large, has speakers so we can hear everything, and the the doorway is big enough to see right into the Church and be able to participate in the mass. Great. I thought I was doing everyone IN the church a favor by sitting in the back. You know, so we wouldn’t be overly disruptive.

Not so.

The kids did well for over half the mass. Right after consecration, Hayden announces he needs to use the bathroom and ventured out by himself. That was okay. Wyatt and Yvette were chit-chatting in the corner not doing much of anything harmful. I turn to participate in the Our Father when the emergency light starts to blink, the doors close, and an incredibly loud buzzer goes off.

Yup, you got it…..

I turn around to find Wyatt and Yvette racing towards me. Yvette crying. Wyatt has a very sobering look about him. 3 people come racing out of the church with keys and a cell phone.
I was horrified. I was completely embarrassed. They caught it before the fire department came, thank goodness. And they were able to reset it on the spot, thank goodness. PLUS, the lady came over and gave me a hug and told me that it was okay, “it happens”, don’t worry about it. All I could say was “I’m so sorry. I’m just so sorry about this.”

We left as soon as mass ended. I was so embarrassed. *sigh*

Wyatt pulled it. He fessed up in the van on the way home. And when we got home, the story changed…he blamed it on Colin. Seems he’s already figured out how to pass the blame.

How can you punish a 2 year old for something like that? He has no idea what he did. Just that it was naughty.
And so OUR punishment is the embarrassment of it all.

I can’t believe he pulled it. UGH.

Just when I thought I was doing everyone in the church a favor by sitting the back…

i just can’t win.