Almost “full term”. Do I continue waiting or shall I start making some more extreme efforts to coax this baby out? Thing is, I’ve done that in the past with little to no results other than disappointment. We’ll see.

Wyatt (my baby of almost 3 years) has magically potty trained and transitioned to a big boy bed in the past few days. He spent a couple days with his grandparents and came home with a renewed attitude about potty training. He’s had only a couple accidents since Monday. Dry naps. Dry nights. We took down his crib yesterday and replaced it with a twin bed complete with tractor bedding. No issues so far. My baby is a big boy. I have mixed feelings about this.

My hands are numb. I’ve acquired a nasty nasty nasty case of carpel tunnel in both my hands this pregnancy. And it pisses me off!!!!! I haven’t been able to knit for months. Seriously. Months! It was as if once Christmas came and went and I was done with my Christmas knitting then it got significantly worse. I had hoped to spend this time nesting and knitting for the baby with my magnum opus being a spectacular christening gown. Nope. Instead I have 2 inches of the gown done and a handful of incomplete projects none of which are for baby. It is driving me nuts!!!! And pissing me off!!!!! All I want to do is knit! And I’m not so sure time with be in my favor once the baby comes. I’ve resigned myself to this cross. Really, it is a cross to carry….though not exactly the heaviest I’ve been gifted but may be the most annoying. *sigh*

We are anxiously awaiting Friday as we have FINALLY a dinner date with some friends whom we’ve been meaning to get together with for a very long time. So excited.

Did I mention that my house is almost completely cleaned and organized? Yup. In January my parents took the kids for a long weekend giving John and I the opportunity to get some stuff done around the house. We managed to get a majority of the house cleaned, organized, and the last of our boxes packed away in one of the outbuildings. Yes, we’ve been here for nearly 4 years but we’ve always seemed to have a box or 2 in a random corner waiting to be sorted through and put away. Well, it’s done. DONE! And then last week John’s parents called and asked to take the kids for 2 nights. What?! We were thrilled of course. And the kids were so happy to get out and spend a weekend with their grandparents. John worked during the day which gave me all day to leisurely tidy up, enjoy the silence, watch a movie, and nap when needed. In the evenings we enjoyed our meals together in the quiet, watched TV, and went to bed early. Getting 7-9 solid hours of sleep a night really does something to an overtired parent. Wow. So after this past weekend (in addition to the one we had in January), we feel rested, spoiled, and completely ready for baby to arrive. So now we wait.

Is it normal to eat 6 oranges in one day? I crave oranges lately. So I eat them. Because they are healthy and yummy. And peanut butter spread on apple halves. Heaven. I suppose my cravings could be worse.

I’m happy it’s Lent. Not sure yet what exactly I’m going to sacrifice or do or whatever. But I am happy it is Lent. I so enjoy these liturgical seasons that guide us into fantastical feast days. It increases the anticipation, deepens the understanding, and makes the spiritual life that much more intimate. Happy Lent Everyone!


I’m Yours

Spring break landed over my birthday and John wanted to take me out to North Carolina to visit my brother. And then take a motorcycle ride up the coast, stop in DC to visit my aunt and uncle and then head home. I thought the trip was my birthday present. And for weeks before he’d ask me, “What do you want for your birthday?” I’d tell him “I just want you…..I want to spend the day with you.” Then he tells me about this trip he’s planned and I am super excited because I get a whole week with him! (our relationship was a bit long distance…during the week I was at school and he was working and then on the weekends I’d head back home and we’d spend the weekend together with each other’s family. So actually getting a decent chunk of time with him was super exciting and the best birthday gift ever.

So we packed up his truck, loaded his Honda CBR in back and made the non-stop trip to the coast. We had a wonderful time! We walked Top Sail Island, ate the most delicious seafood, rode up the coast on his bike, toured the Marine base my brother was stationed at, and had an awesome time. The one afternoon John asked me if I wanted to stop and get lunch and drive out to the island for a picnic. A man after my own heart…he knew how much I loved the ocean, the sound of the waves, the smell of water, and him. It sounded like a fabulous idea. So we stopped and picked up some lunch, brought it to the beach and had ate it there. It was a grey slightly windy day. It was beautiful out there. After lunch we walked and walked and walked. Not really saying anything. We didn’t have to say anything. I was soaking it all up. We stopped to sit and just listen and watch the waves. Oh I can’t tell you how peaceful it was. Then he asked again, “What do you want for your birthday?” I just looked at him, kissed him and said, “This is more than enough. This is perfect. I just wanted you.” I turned to watch the waves again. And while I was looking away he pulled out a ginormous ring and asked, “Will you be my wife, then?” I looked at him stunned. Then I looked away again and tried to absorb what was just happening. Did I hear him right? We had hardly talked about that far into the future, though we both knew without a doubt that was where our relationship was headed. Had he talked to my parents? What in the world was happening?!!!!! We had only known each other for 4.5 months. Dear God! But I knew. I looked at him again and squeaked out a “yes.” “Are you sure? I mean, if you need to think about it…” “No. I don’t. I will absolutely marry you!” And…well…we were married 4.5 months later. That sweet day by the sea happened nearly 9 years ago.

And to this day, that man makes me weak in the knees.

take when we got home…


Do you have a mooshi moment with your valentine or a sappy proposal? ‘Tis the day to share……

A Due Date Passed

Today is such a bittersweet day for me.

Today marks a birthday that will never be.

Today would be Lyla Jayne’s due date.

And so, sweet angel baby of mine, today I mourn for you (still). Today I weep tears of sorrow that I will never hold you in my arms in this life, that your Daddy will not witness your birth into this world and lay kisses and tears of joy on your tiny little forehead as he’s done with your brothers and sister. Today you are not forgotten. You.Are.Loved. You are loved so deeply. And I know with every fiber of my being that though you are not here with us, you are loved where you are……your grandparents, your brother, your uncles, they are all taking care of you while we (your Daddy and I) wait for our meeting.

I love you.

I love you so very much.

Hubby Humor

Just wondering if there are other pregnant women whose husbands find it comical to send them into the liquor store to do their buying. ???

John usually does the liquor buying when the occasion comes along. But I started noticing that he’d ask me to run and get it saying, “I’ll watch the kids so you can get out for a little while by yourself.” Sounded sweet. But then it started being accompanied by a little cracked smile with a dimple (you know how I love dimples). And then the real kicker…….we’d be out and about together and he’d decide he wanted beer and send me in to get it. That was when I started wondering and asked him about it. He just smiled a dimpled smile.

Fine. If I get a smile with dimples just for running into the liquor store for a bottle of brandy, then I’ll probably continue doing it. Rest assured I DO make sure the cashier knows I’m buying for my husband so he/she doesn’t feel guilty selling liquor to a pregnant woman. Geesh.

Thank goodness we don’t live in South Africa.