Baby isn’t here. I’m beginning to think she won’t come. But I am assured that at SOME POINT she will make her entrance. And what a grand day that will be. I am currently 41 weeks today.

And because her unwillingness to submit to my timeline is somewhat of a sore subject for me (literally), I won’t discuss it any more.

I will, however, discuss a little something baby related.


So, I’m a huge fan of clothe diapering. I’ve posted at least a couple times about it, though I can’t seem to find the exact postings. Anyway, when we found out we were expecting this little bundle, I immediately contacted my friend Rachel from Chelory.com. Now Rachel makes diapers for a living. Yup, she’s tweeked her own pattern, perfected her technique and brand, and quit her job to sew diapers full time. She’s good. She’s REALLY GOOD. So good in fact that she stocks her online shop once a week with anywhere from 60-80 handmade diapers and she sells out within minutes. Her diapers are hard to come by. And very much in demand. And so I can say with pride and a little bit of gloating that she agreed to make me some. At Christmas time John and I spent an evening with Rachel and her husband drooling over diapers and picking out patterns. Okay, so maybe John and Cory spent the evening drinking and bulls*&%ing and Rachel and I discussed diapers. Anyway, it was fabulous and I feel in love (with the diapers of course). I put my order in, hoped John wouldn’t fuss too much, and waited.

Well, they are finished and in my possession. And I Am Giddy!

Here they are:

6 AIO (all-in-ones) – easy for travel and for babysitters

my favorite one

*I’ll probably see about getting a few more of these….maybe….

6 WI2 (wool-in-twos) – more for daily use. 6 wool covers with 24 snap in inserts

 2 pink and brown, 2 purple, and 2 aqua/blue and brown (my favorite)

This woman is amazingly talented. She even dyes her own wool!!! Anyway, just wanted to share with you my newest treasure. Yes, these clothe diapers are baby treasures.

If you feel like checking out her shop go to http://www.chelory.com
I believe she stocks on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Now if only the baby would come to WEAR the diapers. *sigh*


I know, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy. No, not with baby….yet. Just nesting and resting and soaking up as much love-time as I can with my kids. Things are about to change in this house. The world is going to shift just a little bit more. Baby #4 is coming very soon. Sometimes I think it could be any day. And then I remember that I actually have about 2 weeks left and I’ve never gone early. So…it could be a little while yet. Although if you think about it…..tomorrow or 2 weeks from now, either way it is pretty darn soon. And so we continue to wait. Trying oh so hard to be patient.

There are lots of these going around Facebook lately. I like them. The ones that apply to me anyway. But this one really brought it home. I LOVE this one. And in light of all the politics going on, our own personal reality, and our growing family whom many people feel the need to comment (sometimes good sometimes not so good), I thought this appropriate to share.

NFP has been a fantastic tool in our marriage. A tool that has WORKED. Both in regards to postponing a pregnancy and in achieving. Not only that, but our marriage…our relationship…our communication has flourished because of it. I could go on and on about NFP. But I won’t. I’ll save that for another time when I am in the mood to skip onto a soapbox and explain. But today, I just want to share.