More Baby Alpaca (pics)

John got home from work and very calmly walked in the kitchen like every other day. Knowing the kids would LOVE to give him the news of the day he sat down and asked, “So what did you do today?”

Oh my goodness did he get an earful!

“DAD!!!!! We have a baby alpaca now! Come see! Come see!” All three of them raced out the door and into the alpaca pen to introduce the baby to their dad. It was the cutest moment.

And then of course after the big meeting, on the way back to the house Hayden says really seriously, “Dad, Mom shot a raccoon today. It’s dead under the tree. Let me show you….” He was so proud of the day’s events.


Farm Excitement!

It has been quite a morning here on our little farm. We spent most of the morning inside playing games and reading books. I went outside at about 11:30 to check on water for the alpaca. All was normal and quiet. I went back inside to feed the kids. At 12:15 they wanted to go outside to play on the swing set. Almost seconds after going out Yvette comes running back in crying, “Mom! Mom! There is a big bad raccoon by the swing set.”
We’ve never really had raccoons around here so I went out to see what she saw. Sure enough there was a raccoon up on his haunches staring at me. I shooed the kids into the house, grabbed my .22 and clip and headed back out. He was still where I saw him last. I found a good spot and fired. Dead.

I then checked the chicken coop to make sure they were all there. I know he was watching the coop. Check: all 6 there. Thank goodness.

While I as out I walked over to the alpaca pen to check water again and look what I found…..

Calibash had her baby! Baby was up and stumbling around….still wet and absolutely adorable! I ran in to tell the kids and we all went out to greet our newest arrival….

It’s a GIRL! and she’s beautiful. We thought it was a girl at first, but then got a better look. It’s a BOY.

We have to decide on a name. Yvette wants to name her Philoniza. ??? Where she got that one, I have NO idea. Pretty sure it won’t make the list.

One down. One to go.

Rita – 3 months old

My babe is 3 months old today. She is such a happy baby and brings us all so much joy. Her brothers and sister absolutely LOVE having her around. Wyatt is her biggest fan. Yvette is anxious to dress her us. And Hayden – though in the beginning really didn’t know what to think of her – has come to love her very dearly. They all  swarm around her to make sure she’s happy and smiling.
We are truly blessed with such a good 4th baby. She eats well (as you can see). She sleeps 6 hours at a time at night (since 1 week old). And absolutely LOVES being outside – thank goodness for that because that’s where we spend 90% of our day.
We love her beyond words and can’t remember life without her.

We call her “Cheeks Backowski”……don’t they just make you melt. And her dimple!!!!!! Oh MY. Her dimple……*sigh*