Something To Consider

We’ve made the decision to homeschool our children. This isn’t a decision I thought I’d ever make. But last fall it was really on my heart to consider it. I thought that for me to make an educated judgement about it, I needed to honestly look into it before writing it off. Well, by Christmas we found ourselves discussing the possibility and praying about the option. By February we made the decision and began researching curriculum and schooling methods and learning as much as we could. Between the decision in February and the time to order curriculum, my heart softened and I not only had great peace about our decision, but I was EXCITED.
In telling family and friends of our decision, we (surprisingly) found more support and encouragement than anything else. I was expecting some raised eyebrows and crazy looks. Not so much. But the main thing that people seem to be SO caught up on is “socialization”. Like THAT is the point of education. Geesh. (more on this later)
Anyway, this morning a friend of mine posted these on facebook and I thought they were great. Hope you enjoy!


"Whack ‘Em!"

I thought I’d try to capture a wonderful sibling moment as they were walking up the path Wyatt on Hayden’s back and Yvette holding Wyatt’s foot. Topic of conversation: poisonous berries and squishing crickets. The squishing crickets has been Wyatt’s choice topic for a good week now. (more about that in another post)

I get my camera, ask them to stop and smile. Just as I’m taking the picture Yvette gives Hayden a good whack. Notice she doesn’t even flinch. She’s vicious sometimes.

Potty Outside

Wyatt is my 3yo. He’s a bit passionate. His character is one that drives most people crazy but makes them melt at the same time. He’s ALL BOY, very adventurous and daring, throws fits multiple times a day, relies on a schedule and routine, talks up a storm, pretend plays all by himself, has the sweetest most smoldering eyes, and his smile with dimples is one this mama has a hard time saying no to. Wyatt is my “baby boy”. He’s got me wrapped around his little finger. He’s my Wyatt.

Now, Wyatt likes things his way. Being he’s a bit spoiled bullheaded, I tend to pick my battles for the sake of keeping peace. One of those battles is the issue of peeing outside. He likes to pee outside. What boy doesn’t. To be honest, I might just have always been a little teensy bit envious of the whole “peeing on a tree” thing that boys are privy to. Anyway, we live on a farm and rarely have visitors. One day after an entire afternoon out in the field putting posts in, Wyatt announces (in detail) his excitement over peeing “in da buss” (in the bush). John stood behind him with a look that was both proud and a bit teasing…..waiting to see if he’d get a scandalized reaction out of me. I just kinda laughed it off and told him them that is wasn’t an all the time thing. Well, it’s turned into that. When Wyatt has to go, he picks a tree, drops trough, and happily does his business. I don’t fight him on this anymore. I used to. And I got a lot of wet pants to wash and fits to deal with because of it. So Wyatt knows that if nobody is visiting and he’s out of sight, he can skip running into the house.

Yesterday we were all at the park playing. Wyatt jumps off the jungle gym, runs over to me doing a cute little potty trot and holding himself, “MOM!…Mom, I gotta go potty.”

“Oh Wyatt, can you hold it for a few minutes until we leave? The potties here aren’t that great,” I answered.

“But Mom, can I just pee on a tree?” he askes.

John is laughing.

“No Wyatt, you can’t pee on park trees. Plus there are people around.”

He literally does a 360 scope of his surroundings and replies, “But Mom, there are so many trees.

I have to look away to keep from cracking up only to face John who is just about rolling at that point.

“No Wyatt. Just because there are lots of trees here doesn’t mean you can use them. Let’s go find the potty.”

The whole walk to the potty he points out “oh that’s a nice one.”

*sigh* we really aren’t that uncivilized here. My kids DO have manners and know how to do things properly. *sigh*