Happiness Is…

My mama. She has come to save me (yet again) before this baby is born. She did it with Rita too. I am so grateful. Grateful that the waiting is anticipated with joy by more than just us. Grateful for the extra hands to help and most times just DO the dailies so I can catch up on some rest or just snuggle with my kids. Grateful for the extra set of arms to love on and embrace the kids who anxiously await the arrival of their baby sister. Grateful for another mom set of eyes to see and just DO what needs to be done. I realize how blessed I am to have such a wonderful mom……and to have one who is willing to put a pause in her own life to help with mine. To help so willingly, lovingly, and selflessly I might add. Thanks Mom. We love you SO VERY MUCH.

A dear friend who is constantly teaching me what it means to give and be a friend. This past year we have been given the gift of a friendship with a particular family that has blessed us in every way. Not only do we as parents enjoy each other’s company, but our children are relatively the same age and consider each other “best friends”. All of them. The example of their fidelity in their faith, their love and compassion towards each other, their generosity and willingness to give and serve. It truly is inspiring and we feel so blessed to have found such friends. And we look forward to years ahead.

Waiting. I can’t believe I’m writing this. But, yes, happiness is in the waiting. Our life has slowed down in anticipation of this baby. Everything has become about getting ready for baby. Activities have been considered based on exertion to help move baby out. Everything we do, our conversations, our prayers, our cleaning and daily activity are all rotating around the fact that this baby is about to come. And we are SO EXCITED to meet her. We have drawn ourselves closer to each other in the day to day as we wait. And it has been a beautiful thing.

But seriously, she can come out….like right now and we’d be just as happy. 😉 (hint hint)


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