Sunday Tea

I have recently been introduced to chai tea. I have had it in the past but it was either from a box or some version of processed tea. I am participating in a sort of “retreat” done by Heather over at and she shared her recipe for chai tea. I can’t post it because I don’t have her permission to do so, but just know that this recipe is absolutely to die for. The combination of spices is perfect. The recipe calls for whole spices that need to be roughly ground then boiled and simmered, add some things, boil and simmer some more then strain. Heat milk and honey, add the tea concentrate and you have the most perfect cup of spiced tea. It leaves the kitchen smelling amazing. And every sip sends warmth and relaxation right down to your toes.
Absolutely amazing. If you ever have the inclination to mix up your own from scratch, it’s totally worth the effort. This might just replace coffee for me. And for those who know me and my relationship with coffee…….

Coffee is second only to John. 😉

Happy Sunday folks! It’s good to be back.

p.s. bear with me as I figure out workings of wordpress. Things will gradually be changing into what I want it to be over the next couple weeks. Hang with me though, please.


Sunday Tea

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