Corners Of Our Life

I’ve been trying to make the sometimes valiant effort of returning order to our home before going to bed at night. This means making sure the kids pick up toys before bed, cleaning up the kitchen immediately after every meal, vacuuming and sweeping every single night after the kids go to bed. I must say…I had forgotten just how much floor space we have in our house! 😉

I love waking up to a clean kitchen and an empty counter. I feel like I can conquer anything (at 5:30am)!

My very favorite spot right now in our house is Yvette’s room. So pieced together, but so so so inviting. John’s little sister Ann made the quilt for a wedding gift. I made the afghan for John for his birthday. And the rocking chair was my great grammy’s. This corner of our house means a lot to me. I sit in there and I can almost physically feel a hug!


Clean Sweep (after)


Still needs some help but at least it is clean. John promised a complete overhaul of the pantry this winter….new shelves, new light, paint job, etc. Hopefully we’ll get to that.