Tuesdays With Him (week 3)

The Midwives, Jochabed, and Rahab

It brought tears to my eyes as I read through this chapter. I love this Bible study for the simple fact that it brings to life the most beautiful examples of faith, femininity, and motherhood. I suppose I’m stating the obvious, but it just has to be said.
All I could think about were the little souls God has placed in our care. The little lives we have been blessed with to raise and form. Oh the responsibility!! I love parenthood. I do. It trials…the ups and downs…the never-the-same days….the joy and humor these kiddos bring to everyday life through their innocence and childishness. I love it!! I beg God every single stinking day for the grace to do right…to do His Will. I beg for the grace for myself during these formative years and for the children in the future as they begin to choose for themselves.

Life! I just don’t understand how people can snuff it out. I just don’t understand how people can say NO to it. I just don’t understand how society has made it into this disposable object that can be brought about and/or killed according to convenience. I just don’t understand!!!

I love Rahab and her story. Her life, her person, her virtue humbles me.


Tuesdays With Him

It has been on my heart to organize some sort of bible study or mom’s group or something. But honestly the thought of hosting/leading anything like that is very overwhelming for me at this point. John’s work schedule is so crazy and the kids are a handful. That responsibility would make me nutty I think. SO, to satisfy this little voice in my heart and to feed my own need for greater depth in my spiritual life, I am going to “lead” an online bible study.

I thought that doing this during lent would be an especially good thing (for me) as I do need a lenten resolution of sorts and I’m not really a fan of “giving up” something. That usually doesn’t work for me. So instead I try to add something GOOD……more frequent sacraments, extra minutes of prayer each day, read a particular spiritual book, etc. This lent I’ll be “studying”. I am going to use Stacy Mitch’s Courageous Women. It is a study of the heroines of the Old Testament: Ruth, Esther, Jael, Hannah, etc. Paging through it, it looks really great! And I haven’t done much reading of the Old Testament. So this will be good. I had purchased a bunch of these books a few years ago because I did actually have a small group lined up to study it, but everyone backed out. Yup. Everyone. And NOBODY paid in advance. Very frustrating. SO….if you are interested in joining me, let me know and I can send you a copy. I’m asking $10 (this includes shipping) via paypal or postal mail.

I will post a couple discussion points and a couple of my own insights/reflections and hope that you all would share as well.

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