Prayers Needed…

I’m sorry for the delay in getting pictures posted. We have had a hard month. On November 11, I miscarried our (almost) 15wk old baby. Some of you knew I was pregnant but a majority of you did not. We were going to wait to make the announcement at Thanksgiving, but unfortunately he didn’t make it that far. These past 4 weeks have been so incredibly draining emotionally and physically. John and I have been showered with support and prayers from family members and close friends. The pain and heartache for both of us is excruciating and unbearable sometimes, but I’m told it will pass in time.
Since both John and I were almost 100% certain that our baby was another boy, we have named him John Stephen after his dad (and grandfather) and his god-father (and uncle).
Please keep us in your prayers if you think of it.