Decisions, Decisions…

I made bean soup and cornbread tonight for supper. It smelled so good. I’m not a big bean fan so I didn’t eat any, but John said it was delicious. ANYWAY…Yvette decided that she wanted to try some too.

Rethinking her request….
“Dad seems to like it”
“I wonder what it feels like…..”
“Nah….I’ll just pose with my soup and pretend I ate it…”

3 MInutes Alone…

This is what happens when an overgrown 7 month old in a walker is left alone for 3 minutes. 3 minutes!!! All I did was took a couple of the crib pieces upstairs. I pushed Wyatt into the livingroom because I didn’t think he could move very well on the plush carpet. I was wrong. This is what I found when I came down……I heard him laughing before I saw him…..he was having quite the time….