Dripping Wet

Hayden steps out of the shower, looks at his dripping wet little body and says, “Mom…water sure does make me wet.”

I couldn’t stop laughing!

He’s growing up so darned fast. He was cuddling on my lap this afternoon and I whispered in his ear, “Hayden…please stop growing up.”
“What, Mom?”
“Can you just stop getting big? Stop growing? I want you to stay little for just a bit longer.”
“But MOM, if I don’t get big then I can’t chop wood like Dad. If I don’t get big then I can’t go hunting with Dad. If I don’t get big then I’ll stay little….” *sigh*, he looks up at me with almost sad eyes and says, “and I just don’t want to stay little Mom. I want to grow big and strong like Dad.”
We cuddled and watched PBS kids for a while. I suppose I can just think of him as a little boy forever. Can that work? Probably not…….but today is okay……



3 thoughts on “Dripping Wet

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog…I think your Dad was my dentist for years!! Some of my family goes to the same church as your family. Small world! I am glad you enjoy my blog…I am looking forward to checking your blog out! I love finding new blogs to read!

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