Thief In The Night

A couple nights ago John and I were awakened by Wyatt (3) standing in our doorway. It was about 3am.

“Wyatt, what do you need?”
“Wyatt, are you okay?”
silence as he stares at his folded hands
“Wyatt, go climb back into bed and Daddy will tuck you back in.”
Quick glance of guilt followed by him scampering to the table in our room and plunking a handful of change into the (empty) bowl. He ran out without so much as another glance.

We looked at each other a little stunned. Was he sleep walking? Did he really just do that?

A few seconds later he returns, quickly running in and dropping MORE change into the bowl. He quickly turns to leave, stops at the end of the bed and looks at us with a remorseful look and says, “I…I…just had to put the moneys back.” pause. “I wuv you.” And he ran back to his bed. John and I looked at each other and quietly laughed. We went to check on him a few minutes later and he was fast asleep.

I love that kid. Really. He is the most genuine, playful, loveable soul!