Our Tax Dollars Hard At Work

So there is a popular survey going around Facebook right now about “defunding” Planned Parenthood. Not surprisingly, a lot of people say NO. And a good number of my friends on Facebook say NO. I’m sometimes surprised by who these people are but then I consider the fact that all of them (so far) are without children….NOT parents yet. Interesting isn’t it? Consider those who are not parents yet…..

*They haven’t felt growing life inside their body or witnessed it in the person they hold dearest to their hearts.
*They haven’t heard the sound of a tiny heartbeat coming from a growing tummy.
*They haven’t seen the obvious proof of life that an ultrasound gives.
*They haven’t felt the rolling, fluttering, and sometimes painful kicks of a baby shifting to find more room in the womb.

*They haven’t felt or experienced the bittersweetness of labor.
*They haven’t witnessed the miracle of childbirth……of THEIR OWN child coming into the world.
*They haven’t fallen so much in love with a tiny human being that they’d risk everything for him/her.
*They haven’t opened themselves to the joys and sacrifices of parenthood.

And I almost feel sorry for people like that. Because not only have they NOT experienced all those things, they THINK that it’s okay to snuff it out. They think that it’s okay for women to CHOOSE to not be pregnant even though they already are. They think it’s okay to KILL this life inside of them.

I challenge those people to sit through this video. I challenge those people who are prolife to sit through this video. I will warn you that it is quite honestly the most horrific clip I have ever seen. However, it has confirmed what I have been fighting for since before I could vote. LIFE.


Kirill’s Story

I came upon this post through another blog that I follow regularly. This story is incredibly moving.
I was just having a conversation with someone the other day about how when good things are set in motion with pure intent and immense love one can almost guarantee there be some obstacle. Isn’t that how evil works? In both ordinary and extraordinary circumstances?
Anyway, please pray for this family and the many other families in this situation. AND for the children waiting to be loved, adopted, and treated as human beings despite their imperfections.


Ever been so beyond frustrated that it seems there is no way back? That’s me. Right this second. It is silly really and pretty small to be frustrated over and I’m sure it will pass once I get over my pity party tantrum. But right now I’m wallowing. It is the middle of the afternoon on a snow day. A day when the birds should be chirping and the sun should be out and the snow should be continuing to melt. That’s how the weather has been. But today…yesterday actually, the Good Lord decided He needed a laugh and plagued the midwest with a blizzard! Inches of fresh HEAVY snow are now covering the blades of grass that were trying to grace us with their presence. Not funny from down here!

Because of the weather school was canceled and my 5 year old son doesn’t know what to do. He LOVES school and looks forward to it every other day. And this morning when he woke up from his late morning slumber he asks, “Mom?…what about school?” The poor kids was heartbroken and completely displaced when I told him there was no school today because of the snow. “Stinking snow!” he says. My thoughts exactly.

And right this second there is a 3 yr old girl whining in her bed that she isn’t tired and doesn’t need a nap. She does. Believe me. She NEEDS her naps otherwise come 5:00 she is so crabby and tired no one wants to be around her. Her current whining is about to wake up an overtired 2 yr old who REALLY needs his naps or he will make EVERYONE miserable with his crying.

Said displaced 5 yr old seems to think that mom needs to be at his beckon call all day. “Mom, I’m hungry.” “Mom, can we play my games?” “Mom, the kitty fishing pole is very stuck.” “Mom, I’m hungry.” “Mom, I’m thirsty.” “Mom, can you sit with me?” “Mom…Mom….Mom….MOM MOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOM.”
Well, you get the idea.

All I want is 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to breathe and collect my thoughts. Apparently today that is too much to ask for. And so I will go tend to my littles and dream about bedtime tonight. Yes, once the kids are in bed I will have my silence. Once the kids are in bed……

6 hours and counting……

From The Mouths Of Babes…

Hayden: “Mom, how old are you?”

John: (with a smirky smile) “She’s ooold.”

Hayden: “But Mom, HOW old?”

Knowing that Hayden can’t count higher than 21 or 23 I respond confidently, “Hayden, think of the highest number you can count to and that’s how old I am.”

Hayden’s eyes got big and he dropped the art project he was working on, “WOW Mom! You mean you are 3000?!”

I’m pulling him from the private pre-school he is currently enrolled in. I mean, COME ON!….what pre-schooler can count to 3000?! 😉

John still laughs about this.

I’m crushed.


Saturday was my 30th birthday. No, I am not ashamed to say I am 30. I have never been one to come completely undone by my progressing age. It is inevitable people….we are getting older and we will die (someday). It happens to everyone. Even people like Joan Rivers (eww) who thinks she can defy age/time, but it only makes it worse. Denial is never a good thing. Not in my experience anyway.

So, does anyone want to hear what was gifted to me on my oh so monumental birthday? Let me tell you…..
* my parents gave me a beautiful necklace, a bag of columbian dark roast coffee (because age requires more of this), and a large roaster (for canning)
* my nieces gave me a very pretty necklace and earring set along with another pair of earrings picked out by Bell (such a sweetheart!)
* some friends gave me a case of Nordeast beer. Never had this particular kind before and how dare they expose my pallet to such wonder! Wow. I think I am a convert. No more cheap beer, honey……I want to good stuff. !!!!
* my husband…..my husband really really pulled through this year (as he does most years)…..

Since February I had been asking for hints as to what he was planning on giving me. At first it was obvious that he really had no idea what he was going to do. But I think he figured it ought to be a good one since it IS a milestone birthday. Then he started dropping hints:
Me: “Is it big?”
John: “I think so. I guess it depends on how you look at it.”
Me: “Is it expensive? I mean…how much are you pulling from savings?” (I know, completely non discreet)
John: “I guess I could be. It depends on how much you like it.”
Me: “What is that supposed to mean?”
John: “Lets just say the most it is costing me is my dignity.”

Great. By that point I was completely lost. What the heck could he be planning? He wasn’t sharing this idea with anyone else. Believe me, I checked all my sources. Nobody had a clue. Then came more hints from him that made me squirm with curiosity and then with frustration and disgust.

John: “You might want to hit the gym an extra day a week.”
Me: “I suppose I could do that if our schedule allows it. Why?”
John: “The more in shape you are the more you’ll get out of your birthday present.”

OKAY….hold up. He has suggested this several times over the course of a month. It pissed me off. What in the world was he giving me?….sessions with a trainer? a piece of clothing a few sizes too small? new running shoes (I had been asking for these)? a beach vacation (that would be nice)? None of these seemed like appropriate 30th birthday gifts. Not really. And he shot every one of them down. What could he be planning? The longer this went on, the more frustrated and mad I got. I couldn’t figure it out. And he insisted that working out was a good hint. Which made me even more mad. So….my husband was telling me that for my already difficult to swallow birthday, I need to be in optimal shape? Hmmm…..
I’m pretty sure I’m not the only woman who would be utterly ticked off by this. He took the cold shoulder and silent treatment. He even took a few snide comments and a declaration of disgust from yours truly. But ultimately he stood his ground and didn’t snap.
Then on the eve of my 30th birthday he comes to me with a card, a balloon, and a sweet dimpled smile. “Happy 30th Birthday, Theresa.” I read the super sweet and sappy card and there was a small notecard inside that read:

“For your birthday this year I want to take dancing lessons with you long enough for us to either get good at it or decide we don’t like it. I love you. Happy 30th Birthday.”

I melted. I threw my arms around him and slobbered him with grateful kisses.

Early in our marriage (before the kids) I wanted to take dancing lessons with him so badly. And he wouldn’t even think about it!….”NO.” End of discussion. Then the kids came and I stopped asking. I never thought he’d remember let alone act on it! Which makes me wonder if he hears all the other things that I hint about or ask for. Hmmm……

My husband is the sweetest most thoughtful and secretly momentarily romantic man. Really?…..I’ve been bragging about him all weekend. I am so proud and SO EXCITED! He has most of the month of June off so we decided that a 4 week session would be scheduled for June. YAY!!!!!