Yesterday was a rough day. A really stressful, rough, holding back the tears kind of day. The kids were all over the place. My husband is working an 8 day stretch of 12+ hour days. I was sleep deprived and on the verge of a cold (right along side Rita). And to make matters worse, the invisible fence for the dog decided to take a crap and she got out. Several times she got out. AND the goats got out. Several times the goats got out. So you can probably imagine me with a tired, slobbery, and snotty baby on my hip, swarmed by the other children trying to coax a gigantic dog back into her pen though she’d much rather just stick her tail in the air and give me that “play with me” kind of look with the goats in the background running in all directions because they’ve figured out that they are no longer penned in. After getting the kids in bed, I sat on the couch with a strong screwdriver in my hand and cried. I cried on the couch. I cried in the shower. I cried on my pillow. I cried myself to sleep. Yeah. That was my day yesterday. 

So happy that isn’t today.

Anyway, last night I was talking to my dear friend Laura about how completely inadequate and spent I was. Because it was (again). She smiled at me and gave me the biggest hug and said it will be better tomorrow.

You know what she did? A little while ago she just showed up, walked right into the kitchen, handed me a bouquet of flowers and the sweetest card, gave me a hug, and said she had to go. I cried again. THAT was exactly what I needed. Not necessarily the flowers, though they are beautiful and wonderful. But just the kind gesture. The little note and gesture that said, “You are a great mom and spectacular friend….” The gesture of a friend who knew exactly what I was feeling. How did I get so lucky? God has gifted me with just a couple of friends who see beyond the surface, know the good bad and the ugly, and love me anyway. Who are teaching me how to love, give, and receive with humility and grace. How blessed I am. How truly blessed.