Pie Just Sounded Good….

I had the apples and a frozen pie crust…..it was easy!

preheat your oven to 350
pull out your frozen pie crust (I have never succeeded at making my own)
peel and slice about 6-8 medium apples
3/4c sugar
3T flour
1/2 tsp nutmeg
3/4 tsp cinnamon
mix everything together and fill pie crust
topping: 1/2 c flour + 1/2c sugar + 1/2 softened butter = yummy topping!!!
mix these together and crumbling it on top
Bake for 45-60 minutes and enjoy the sumptuous aroma
Serve warm with vanilla ice cream

Fat Friday Lent

This shouldn’t even be “legal” for a Friday food during Lent. But…..we just have to go meatless. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are the only manditory days of fasting and abstinence. So technically, this IS legal. And it was SO good!…..

I have been a “follower” of The Pioneer Woman for years. She makes me laugh, has fabulous recipes, tells great stories that I’m not too sure if I believe or not, takes beautiful pictures, and now has a delicious cookbook to call her own. Fantastic site! I highly recommend browsing. Be careful, you may become a “follower” yourself. 😉

Anyway, this recipe is hers. I’ve used it since the day she posted it. It is fantastic for entertaining, movie nights, meatless Fridays ;-), gaining a few pounds, etc.

Preserving Beans

I made homemade baked beans the other day only to have my husband get the flu and not be able to eat them. What to do with them? I don’t eat beans. The kids certainly wouldn’t eat ALL of them. And I didn’t have freezer bags to bag them into to freeze. Hmmm…..
Then I thought, could I can them? Is that safe? They do have some meat in them. So I did what any respectable woman with a question would do….I googled it. 😉
And sure enough, it can be done safely. Meat is well cooked. No dairy contained in recipe. Jars were sterilized and processed long enough. The result was 2 quarts and 2 pints. I’m going to let them sit on the self for a few weeks before we try them out.

Tuesdays With Him (week 1)

EVE and the creation accounts of Genesis (ch) 1-3:

1b. Reflect on the importance of the distinction made by God between people and the rest of visible creation. How should this distinction help to direct our moral and social priorities?

– I love the answer given in the appendix. It talks first about man being the only part of creation made in the image and likeness of God and that the rest of creation is subject to him. “…we have a responsibility to be good stewards of creation and God’s creatures, the care of human persons must always take pride of place.”

– “good stewardship” has been a resounding theme for me. I think it is easy as a mom to be overwhelmed by the day to day. Every second of every day I am “needed” by some member of our family…for food, play, help, laundry, diapers, love, attention, etc. And by the end of the day all I’m dreaming about is all the things I NEED which slides my thoughts into a more selfish mode and I then start thinking/obsessing over getting certain things done to free up more time so I can do MY THINGS. I understand the need for balance, a time and place for everything.  I just haven’t quite found  a regular groove. Most days are good days. Most days I can stop myself from sliding deeper into selfishness. Most days I can recognize triggers – those things that trigger a certain attitude or thought process – and try to stop the snowball effect. Most days. But it is on those few days of absolute insanity that I find myself screaming for (internally) and longing for freedom. A freedom that  I realize I already have. Silliness, I know. But I am sure many of you can relate in some way or another. Freedom to accept and embrace the Will of God in my life or the freedom to seek my own will. Sometimes it’s hard to identify God’s Will but in those times I’m reminded of a piece of advice my dad gave me a long long time ago: “Theresa, all you have to do is focus on fulfilling your obligations within your state in life (right now)….your vocation right now is to be a student (at the time). So be a student first. Being faithful to the little day to days that are right in front of you will give you the strength and grace to be faithful to the bigger things that may come your way like knowing when and who to date. Study and pray.” My point in this being, I am a wife and mom….my job/vocation is to love and serve with every fiber of my being……first the needs of my children and husband.

10a-d. I’m not going to write it all out, but this was a great point for me as well. It goes back to the recognizing my own vices and what triggers them. And then also putting solid means to overcome them and/or strengthen virtues that counteract them. I can totally relate in particular to Eve’s lack of self discipline and selfishness.  Oh the ugliness and shame of sin!!!!

My resolution this week in light of this study: To aid in self discipline, limit my email, Facebook, and blog checks to 3-15 minute sessions….one before the kids wake up in the morning, one during naptime, one after they are in bed. (ouch…gonna be hard) I will be using a timer. 😉 By doing this hopefully it will help me to focus more on the needs of my family instead of seeking time to get away to surf, respond, and write.

*What points stood out for you in this chapter? Feel free to share……