ALMOST As Good As Chocolate

Carob Cake:

3cups flour
2cups sugar
1/2cup carob powder
2tsp baking soda
1tsp salt
*mix all above ingredients very well, then add the following:
2tsp vanilla
2TBS lemon juice
2/3cup oil
2cups water (I used milk)
*mix well and bake in a greased pan for 30 minutes at 350 degrees

A vegan friend of mine uses this for church potlucks and stuff. People think it’s chocolate cake. No one could tell the difference. This is a great alternative for those who may be allergic to chocolate (my brother) and/or eggs (notice it doesn’t contain either one), don’t like the caffeine that chocolate contains, and/or for kids when you don’t want to side effects that chocolate (caffeine) has on them. This is a fantastic recipe, delicious alternative to chocolate, and I’d highly recommend it for those who love to bake new things!

Thanks Courtney!


I Am A Prairie Girl

I’ve done some traveling. Not much comparable to most people nowadays, but I have seen many different places. However, in preparing to drive to Montana I found the excitement growing. I had never seen the mountains. I’ve flown over them, but never stopped to LOOK….never driven through. Heck, I had never gone farther west (by car) than the western boarder of Minnesota. I was excited. I was also prepared to absolutely LOVE the mountains……love them so much I just might want to find some way to move there…..find some possibility of making a life there. This was my thinking before even beginning our trip.

Again, I’ve grown up on the breathtaking beauty of the Minnesota lakes and seasons.

I’ve spent months by the ocean listening to the soothing sounds of the waves and winds as they hit the shore. I’ve traveled to Europe and witnessed the historic wonders of ancient Italy. And now I’ve seen the grandiose magnificance of the Montana Rockies.

But none of those….NONE of those stands close to the contentment and peace I find in the wide open prairies of the Dakotas. I know….many of you are thinking, “what???!….” There isn’t anything particularly extraordinary about the prairie. And for many there probably isn’t anything beautiful about them. But to me, there is a glorious peace and freedom in the open space……just land for as far as the eye can see…..nothing scary or threatening about it. Just land…..and wind……and sky. Yes. I DO love it here. The mountains and lakes and ocean and Europe….they are all beautiful and exquisite in their own way. But the prairie is where my heart is….the prairie is where my peace, contentment, freedom, and HOME are.

For Those Of You Who Are Dying To See…

Yes, I’m sure most of you who read this blog know now about our alpaca adventure. John and I drove out to Montana to pick up 3 alpacas. We drove out there without a trailer. Alpacas of Montana owners Sarah and James Budd assured us that the back of a Chevy Astro van was plenty room for 3 animals. Okay. We trusted them. We got there, met our guys and the many many other alpacas there (they have 120), and learned a ton about raising alpacas, day to day care, selling fiber, etc. All very very interesting and exciting (to us). Then the proposition came. They offered us a rather large package deal that we really could not pass up. The deal included not 3 but 5 alpacas AND it remained within our budget. That was well and good, HOWEVER…..the obvious concern was the trip home. Sarah assured us that there would be room in the van for 5. WE were sweating bullets but figured she knew what she was talking about and thought we’d give it a try. Crazy, I know. Sure enough, all 5 fit. They did exactly what she said they would do…..they curled up next to eachother and slept.

Four in the back and Chester (the biggest) hung out in front.

this was actually a pretty comical moment…..four of them decided they needed to stretch and they all stood up. THAT was funny and didn’t last too long…..

…..we all made it home safely. I think they like it here……;-)

left to right: Luigi, Chester, Frederico, Ike, Bonanza

We Went For 3 And Came Home With 5

I posted a while back about our desire to have a hobby farm and our intent to purchase some alpacas. Well….we did it. This past week, John and I drove out to Montana to visit some wonderful new acquaintances Sarah and James Budd from Alpacas of Montana Ranch. Our intent was to bring home 3 alpacas that we have been looking at. We got there and were presented with a rather large (in number not price) package deal. It was hard to pass up. So we took it. We are now the proud owners of 5….YES 5 huacaya alpacas.

left to right: Luigi, Chester, Frederico (in front), Ike (black), Bonanza (in the back)

What the heck are we going to do with 5 alpacas, you say.

??? What do you think? 😉

p.s. leave a comment with some suggestions and I just might make you something. 😉